Student farmers market offers up plants and herbs with side of adorableness in Harrisburg

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa (WHP) — The farmers of the future held an adorable Farmers Market in Harrisburg on Friday.

Students from Harrisburg Academy held a small scale kindergarten farmers market using plants and herbs they are growing and caring for in class.

They offered over 30 different plants total that they've been nurturing in their classroom for months, including herbs, green beans, marigolds, sunflowers and radishes.

The students have been learning how food gets to our tables. They have learned what happens when crops don't yield and create a shortage and how large quantities of food are distributed and how it gets to the grocery stores and markets.
"I'm glad that all kindergarten students are producing and consuming, well, mostly producing, because we're producing. Parents and grandparents and senior buddies are buying and we are happy to be producing a lot." said student Emerson Brindle.

The students also made additional treats to sell at the market including homemade lemonade, protein snacks, and other yummy treats.